Utah AAU Volleyball


2015 AAU Utah Volleyball Schedule

Utah AAU Elite League

2015 will mark the introduction of the Utah AAU Elite League. Teams that want to compete against the strongest teams every tournament will want to be a part of the Elite League. All age groups are welcome.

Premier and Club Divisions

There will be competition for stronger teams in the Premier Division in each age group as well as a Club Division for other teams.

Last season we had about 500 teams and 7,000 athletes who played in at least one of our tournaments. We expect those numbers to increase this season. The number of courts available are dwindling so we may have to limit the number of teams that can play each week. Please plan on entering early to insure your team can participate.

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2015 Utah AAU Schedule

AAU 2015 Entry Form.pdf         

2015 Utah AAU Elite League Schedule

AAU 2015 Entry Form Elite.pdf

Welcome to Northern Utah Volleyball Academy (NUVA)

The Northern Utah Volleyball Academy is dedicated to improving the sport of volleyball in Utah by sponsoring AAU sanctioned volleyball tournaments, educating athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators, publicizing the sport, and promoting sportsmanship.